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How Can I Offer Exclusive Information to my Readers

Many new online marketers and entrepreneurs struggle during the transition from a day job to a self-employed status doing online marketing. Self-doubt sets in and it is very easy to become frozen in fear.

One of the struggles I went through was thinking less of myself and forgetting that I knew more than other people about certain topics.

Maybe it's just me, but sometimes I take for granted what I know and think that everybody else must already know it so I wonder why would anybody care to hear what I have to say about it.

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Sharing your knowledge with others help you learn more and establish authority and trust.

I take it back, I think many people struggle with this, not just me. Don't let self-doubt take over and prevent you from sharing what you know with people that want to learn more!

On a previous blog post where I explained what is a sales funnel, I suggested that a way to build part of the sales funnel is to offer exclusive information or content to your prospects or leads, if the words "prospects" or "leads" concern you, just think about your readers instead.

When you offer information on your blog, this information will attract new prospects, and help you develop your leads. This information will attract more readers and make casual readers into loyal fans.

If you're looking to get started with your blog, or you're looking for a way to start a home business, you may be wondering how you can offer anything valuable to your readers on your blog. Especially when you are just getting started and when it seems like everything is already in Google.

Why wouldn't they just search for it on Google? I answer that question with a question... Who is going to provide that information for Google to

I have two examples you can use to offer insightful valuable information that your audience will be happy to receive from you.

Curate information from your sources

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Curating existing content and resources can be a great way to reflect your own expertise in your niche.
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As you become proficient in online marketing, and running your own business, you will certainly be learning from various sources. These sources will be books, blogs, videos and people.

Share the things you've learned with your audience and practice teaching them. Give credit to the source and feel free to quote an idea, or a passage, then explain it in your own words.

I did this exact thing in a recent post that was really popular where I shared a technique to sell more girl scout cookies, check it out to see a practical example.

Translate how the lesson applies to your own entrepreneurial journey and how it may help others achieve their goals.

As a bonus to get even more readers, share tidbits from the articles in social media and invite them back to your website to read the rest.

Share your process, failures, and progress

One of the most popular ways that big bloggers and online marketers become successful is by sharing what they did, how they did it and the lessons they picked up from trying things out.

Harsh Agrawal from Shoutmeloud considers himself a "blog scientist" and when he was just learning and getting started, he would blog about the different things that worked and the things that didn't work. He still shares the stuff he learns as he continues to improve.

Matthew Woodward is known for sharing intricate details about his experiments and tests, and he shares how he worked in a campaign, why he picked that campaign, what the results were and ultimately how much money he earned or invested into that.

Don't be afraid!

Photo of a fearless child about to climb a vine
Don't be afraid of climbing into the thick of your niche. It takes a little bit of courage but the rewards will be great.
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Don't be afraid of sharing what you have learned and sharing your success as well as your failures. Even if you are sharing information you feel is available elsewhere, you can explain it in your own words and perspective to provide unique value.

Not only will you attract new readers, but you will build trust and authority by sharing your experiences with your readers.

Over time, you can turn a series of these blog posts into a lead magnet or even a paid product to help you build a stronger sales funnel. But we'll leave the details of that for another blog post in the future.

Thank you so much for reading this! I hope it was valuable to you and if you think it would be useful to your friends, family or colleagues please share it with one of the social media buttons available below.

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