Twitter Growth Strategy & Case Study

It's debatable whether efforts in Twitter still pay off for business. Heck, it's debatable whether people even like using Twitter anymore. Seems like it's a pretty rough place.

Nonetheless, I think there is still value in growing your account and using it to drive traffic. If Neil Patel still uses and recommends Twitter, then it's still a go-to social network.

This is the first post about a case study I'll be doing to see how much if any impact the growth of a Twitter account has on the traffic to the website it promotes.

The case study

Here are the details of the case study, it's simple and straightforward I hope.

The objective

Take a small account on Twitter from about 160 followers to 1000 followers. We'll document traffic generated from Twitter and impressions of tweets as well as time to reach the 1000 followers. This post marks day 0.


  • We're going to use the following, connect & unfollowing technique. To clarify, this doesn't mean we follow and then unfollow automatically. We will follow accounts indefinitely so long as they are legitimate, unique and would like to engage. We unfollow those that don't follow back or fail to engage back.
  • We'll be recycling our own content 3 - 10 times per day as we grow and interact.


The Challenge

The main challenge on this is getting followers. Can I find and create enough content to share and post that will grab other people's attention and compel them to follow me.

The niche, in this case, is small in most regards, but it's growing so it's a good test and a fair challenge.

The follow and unfollow mechanism only works well when you have really big accounts you can model after. In this case we'll be using the keyword feature for Rewst mostly to find likely Twitter accounts that would follow us.

The Goal

The goal is to increase traffic to the website and clicks on tweets.

So the baselines are in the screenshots:

  • 163 followers, following 240
  • 26 sessions originated from Twitter in August

Wish me luck!

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