Vanesa Rey comes to Free Lunch Friday

Come join me this Friday at our January Free Lunch Friday OC. The amazing Vanesa Rey will be our guest speaker and as always we'll provide every attendee with a great time, food, drinks and a terrific community building experience.

Startups, entrepreneurs and every other member of this thriving ecosystem is welcome. Just RSVP (it's free), soon. Spots are limited and we usually fill up. RSVP here.

You would have heard of Vanesa Rey by now, I've mentioned her on my blog before, and she's one of my most successful clients. She's said before that I inspire and mentor her, but in reality, I'm inspired by her every day.

This particular event is bound to be a huge success because it features Vanesa, our first ever female speaker. Her topic will be: LESSONS FOR ENTREPRENEURS FROM HOLLYWOOD's RED CARPET.

She will share what she learned in her previous life as a Hollywood motion picture publicist and how she applied these lessons to the successful launch of her tech fashion brand, Vanesa Rey.

You can RSVP for Free Lunch Friday here. And you can find out more about Vanesa at

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