Hells Belles Burlesque Performs at The Queen Mary

This was hiding in my archived drafts and I thought it was time to get it out to you guys. In case you missed it, I spent New Years aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

It was awesome. If you get a chance to attend, I recommend you take the opportunity to go. Watch the video above for a glimpse of what to expect. They had multiple dance areas, live music, food and various other acts and performers.

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The Queen Mary is an icon in Southern California's landscape and skyline. The three smokestacks are easily recognizable and internationally known. And even though it's not technically in Orange County, it's just a short drive away in Long Beach.

The Queen Mary hasn't sailed in decades and it's far removed from its original purpose. It is now a hotel and events venue but they have stuff going on year round.

You can visit it to take a "haunted tour," sign up for one of their 5K runs or take mom for a mother's day brunch. In the fall, they have their Dark Harbor event for Halloween and usually they put together a winter wonderland type of event, it used to be called Chill, but last year they changed it so I don't know what they'll do this year.

But back to the New Year's event. One of the acts that performed for the New Year's Eve, was The Hells Belles burlesque company.

The video from their performance is here. It sucks that Youtube demonetized it because of copyrighted songs, but oh well.

Enjoy the show and have a great rest of your day.

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