Vine for Android, Where are the Alternatives?

Vine seems to be taking off. I've got friends using it and making little quirky videos. This is one of the reasons I know it's taking off. Most of my friends aren't techies or social media types so I know that when they are using an app, it's becoming mainstream.

I tried Viddy before, as an alternative to Vine for Android. It isn't the same, or similar. Well, I guess you could call it similar because it lets you make a short little video and share it with your friends. But it has some issues and I obviously it ididn't keep me interested for more than a week or two.

It makes me wonder, when will we see a true Vine app for Android. Like the real deal. To this day, I still find it perplexing that app developers continue to neglect the biggest smart-phone market (Android) in lieu of iOS. I know iOS is great, and I have nothing against the iPhone but why can't app developers just make the apps for both. Do'nt answer, that's a rhetorical question. I know the 1/2 dozen answers already.

But really, it took Instagram what? 3 years to come up with an Android version? When an app becomes very successful, I think it's worth investing in the other platforms pretty much immediately. The momentum is there and you might as well capture the attention of both platforms. Nobody cares about Windows mobile or Blackberry so I won't talk about those, but Android and iOS are a must.

I mean at the very least, Vine could come up with a Vine viewer for android. You know, a little app that could be used to watch vine videos that your friends share. Even that part is missing today! And definitely there is no android app just like vine. And I can't find anything explaining how to get vine on Android, even as a hack.

So what are we left with?

I found a few ways of watching vines even without an iPhone. There are several vine online viewers that you can check out. These let you only watch or view the videos posted by vine users, but they don't actually let you upload anything. To share vines, you still need the vine app.

View Vine Online

There is View Vine Online, which requires that you enter a username to watch the vines uploaded by that username. I don't like this because I'd rather watch just a stream of vines or browse around to see what's out there. This method is cumbersome and impractical, but it works if you know the person.

Vine Viewer

There is also Vine Viewer This is pretty good and it lests you browse through recent vine postings and it is pretty fresh so you can find new things everytime you load the page.


I found another one that is interesting. This one lists the users in columns and then you can click on the users to watch their vines. A couple of cool features about this one is that you can leave a Facebook comment or take the vines and embed them into  your own website. This one is called SeenVine. This is a cool place to find interesting vines. Like this one:


This one is from Joel McHale from The Soup

Here's one from Seth Green

So what do you think about Vine? Are you using it? Are you Android or iPhone?


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