Walking Shapes Rocks the House of Blues

So I went out Friday night. Usually I stay in. With a kid, a wife, a growing business and deep interests in underwater basket weaving, I find little time to go out like I used to.

But we went out last night, something to do and more or less a date night. We needed that. Mom had Claire so we went out to let loose a little bit. Headed to The House of Blues for a Beatles vs Rolling Stones tribute thing. After a mediocre dinner went up to the stage to find a spot.

Yeah, btw, food there is overpriced and pretty bad. 

We found a spot that was good, waited. Waited and waited. I had forgotten this part, the anticipation of the bands coming on stage.

Finally the curtains open, lights dim and there's a band on stage. But it doesn't look like the Beatles or Rolling Stones.

A slinky fro'ed white dude mumbles something into the mic and the house explodes with sound. Deafening, strong and new. Good. Apparently they're opening for the main event.

But then I think, an opener band for a tribute band? This can't be good...

But my preconceptions are blown away as they continue onto the chorus and then segway into the next song. They're good!

We're Walking Shapes says Nathaniel, from New York.

They continued to rock about 6 of their songs. Truly unique and varied, they have that energy and drive that successful bands have. You know the kind, the one that electrifies you and will probably never be felt again. This is the feeling that makes fans.

This happens once with each band, usually at a live event. You know the feeling.

It's a once in a lifetime moment, you capture the sights, the sounds, the smells. And everything is good. I'm a fan.

That was the height of the night, once the cover bands stepped up to stage, it just went downhill from there. They really sucked, but maybe that's just me, because tribute bands aren't my thing, and the crowd was full of buttholes.

We went up to the bar to just hang out and we ran into Nathaniel and the band. That was pretty cool, we ended up talking a little while. I got their yet to be released album, a whole 4 days early! And it doesn't disappoint.

The new Walking Shapes Album, Taka Come on.
The new Walking Shapes Album, Taka Come on.

Nathaniel also hooked me up with a shirt. I don't know what it is about them, but I dig their style and sound. They also use pretty trippy graphics and art for their stuff. Reminds me of a book I had as a kid with weird cut and paste pencil art.

They are touring right now and you can check out all their stuff at Walking Shapes, you could try to catch them live as they go around the country making their way back to New York.

Here are some of the videos I got from that night.

In the Wake, from their new album

Horse, from their previous album Mixtape Vol. 1

For more about Walking Shapes, and to see their tour dates, head to their website. WalkingShapes.com



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