Want To Save 3 Billion Gallons of Water?

So these guys claim to be able to save over 3 billion gallons of water by getting this device in your shower.

Would you use it?

I might. It actually seems pretty cool. The video explains it all. The way it got funded was through an Indie Go Go campaign.

They received 2% more than their goal so if you visit their website now, you'll notice that EvaDrop Smart Shower is in pre-order status right now.

The EvaDrop website shows that the estimated deliver time is for December 2015. Not sure if that means they'll ship in time for Christmas. You have to go start the pre-order process to see this notice.

I didn't continue with the order because they ask too much information up front. I just wanted to see the pricing. I think price is just over $100.00. I'll update you when I find out.

But they're just around the corner in a neighboring city so I could pay them a visit and get more info. That would be neat.

Since we have a drought here in California, this would be ideal to be available right now. I guess we'll wait and see if they're able to deliver on time.

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