eCommerce, here I go.

I've been telling people to do this for years, and many have made hundreds of thousands of dollars. I love those people I help that want to be helped and actually help themselves.

I've also given the advice freely to hundreds of people, many who suck the time and effort it takes to provide said advice and move along without even a mere thank-you and never apply said advice.

Their response is usually, "oh that's nice, but that's too hard." Or they have some other excuse about how they just can't do what I suggest. No time, no money, no understanding of how it would all work.

So Monday night I decided to take my own advice and build my own e-commerce store. I really can't be mad at the people that make excuses if I'm not following my own advice, right?

So I built it 80% of the way, took about 3 hours. Yesterday I spent another couple of hours learning a few things about the tools I'm using. Today and tomorrow I will put the finishing touches and soft launch. Wish me luck.

In case you want to do something like this, these are some of the tools and services I used to put it together.

  • WordPress, self-hosted by Greengeeks.
  • eCommerce by Woocommerce (free).
  • Kadence theme (free, but I have the paid version).
  • SEO with Rankmath (free)
  • Graphics, made by me with Photoshop and Canva.
  • Printify & Printful to print and fulfill merchandise.
  • Paypal & Stripe for payment processing (both free).

As you can see, most of this is free or inexpensive. I believe you could start this with almost zero up-front costs.

Stay tuned, and let me know if you'd like to know something more specific about launching your own e-commerce store.

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