Who is Joe Schlombo?

Joe Schlombo is you, or me. Is anybody and everybody. I first heard the name from my friend Steve and I've used it ocassionaly ever since. Its a name you use to define an anonymous person. Similar to Jane Doe, or John Doe. The difference is that is catchy and unique, and it sounds cool. Steve has a lot of creativity when it comes to new terms and gestures and stuff. Maybe I'll write some more about that later but I thought I'd share this one with you.

Here's a list of other names that are anonymous:

  • John Q. Public
  • John and Jane Smith
  • John and Jane Doe (used mainly in police/legal related activities)
  • Baby Doe (same as above but used for infants)
  • John Stiles and Richard Miles (same as John Doe, if John Doe is already in use)
  • Richard Doe
  • Joe Bloggs
  • Joe Schmoe
  • Joe or Jane Citizen (Australia)
  • John O'Noakes
  • Juan and Juanita Perez (spanish)

There are several contexts in which anonymous names are used, and I'm sure I've merged them all into the term "anonymous" but I don't have time to go into all the different ways in which each of the names are used. Some are used for financial issues, some are for missing persons, for what I'm concerned with, Joe Schlombo is used to just say "anybody" like when you tell a story.


If the DMV implements a new ID system, Joe Schlombo can go into any branch and use his fingerprint to identify himself and quickly complete his transaction.

Our new Flux Capacitor is so easy to use, Joe Schlombo can reap the benefits from having one in their own living room as soon as it has been calibrated.

...edit later this morning...

As it turns out, the original name is Joe Schlongbo. Joe Schlombo came about when my buddy David modified the original a little to make it more politically correct so we could throw the name around the office. The term was also originally a little bit on the derrogative end of the spectrum, generally being used to identify someone that is a jackass or an assh*le. We still use it in this manner more often than not. Cheers.

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