Empire Avenue The Social Stock marketplace

Empire Avenue Missions, a Video Introduction.

Empire Avenue The Social Stock marketplaceI love Empire Avenue. It is one of the best social networks have been part of. When I first joined it (march 2010) I thought it would just be fun to participate. It is partially a measuring system, and partially a new content platform. It can be a place to meet new people, it can be a place to share your content, and is also a very fun place to hang out. The basic essence of the game is that you can purchase stock in people. Use fake money and the value of someone's stock is calculated by a combination of their social activity and their investing prowess.

Empire Avenue recently introduced Missions. Missions are a cool way to engage with people, and a way to earn more money. The folks at Empire Avenue finally created some really cool videos, and here's one that explains how missions work.

Have you tried missions for yourself, do you think they're worth it?

If you follow me on Empire Avenue, have you had a chance to try some of my missions? If you are interested you can follow me on Empire Avenue, let me know you read this post and I will buy a lot of your stock. If you're not in Empire Avenue, come join me, it's a lot of fun.

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