Wordcamp Orange County recap. WCOC in Tweets.

Some tweets and commentary from Wordcamp Orange County

I got to attend Wordcamp Orange County, and here are some of the highlights in forms of tweets and commentary. I tried to do this earlier this rmorning but the wifi at #wcoc wasn't working.

Ross Teasley - @RossTeasley
At #wcoc @notagrouch is plugged in, literally n figuratively. http://t.co/n67W0O98

Jeremy Lehman - @jeremylehman
Looks like all the cool people are in the end-user awareness session #wcoc #imnotcool

Jason Tucker - @jasontucker
Playing around with some query and some instagram libs: #WCOC Instagram wall 🙂 http://t.co/SFbjKONn

Jason put together a nice streaming wall of instagram photos from #WCOC. check it out, definitely cool stuff.

alex vasquez - @alexjvasquez
I like hearing people say my name. #wcoc preso @zengy

Steve Zenghut from Zeek saved the day and presented on WP-Multisite and Alex became the example for the user, sites and stuff. Alex liked this. :p

Oscar Gonzalez - @notagrouch
This broken wifi business is starting to suck at #wcoc

The WiFi system was unavailable for a long time, just around 2:00 @thefrosty seems to have fixed it. Woot... live blogging and curation with @dashter is now live!

Kathy Burckhardt - @kmburck
RT @perezbox: My WordCamp Orange County 2012 – WordPress Security Presentation http://t.co/rKq5DsUX #wcoc #wordpress #security

Recap in case you missed the security session at #WCOC "End-user Awareness"

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