Affiliate Summit is Next and Scam Alert.

I hope you took a moment to buy your ticket and register for Affiliate Summit West 2016. It's happening in less than two weeks, January 10 - 12.

If you didn't get a ticket, check with your favorite vendor or partner and see if they have an extra one to give away or if there's a way to get invited. Some vendors have last minute giveaways and raffles for tickets and some are reserved for top performing partners.

Or check with ASW and see if they have a waiting list you can get on. But frankly, next time plan ahead. This is a premier event and it's quite exclusive even though it continues to grow each year.

Unfortunately, due to an incredible busy holiday season I did not request tickets to give away this time around. But I will try to get some for Affiliate Summit East 2016.

Next time, register and reserve EARLY!

I also recommend that you book your accommodations NOW if you haven't done so. The event is being held at Paris Hotel and this has been sold out for a while now. Staying at the same hotel where the convention is being held is the best thing you can do, but if you didn't book it yet you have two options.

Book the next best hotel or find a roommate willing to split/share their room with you.

The closest hotels to Affiliate Summit are: Bellagio, Planet Hollywood, Flamingo and Caesars Palace. Just a little further you'll find The Westin, Bally's, Harrah's and a few others.

But really, if you have to go back and forth from your hotel to the convention, you are going to waste a lot of time that you could spend networking or attending other events.

If you want to give the whole roommate situation a try, after you have registered for the event use the official Affiliate Summit West app (Android, iTunes) to network with people and find if they are looking for a roommate. You can also do this in the official ASW16 private Facebook group.

I have many friends that have done this in the past and are doing it this year. It's up to you to work out the specific details with your potential roommate.

But avoid getting scammed!

The one thing you want to avoid are companies claiming to be working with or working for Affiliate Summit. At least a few people have gotten scammed by these companies which claim to have reserved rooms for ASW attendees.

They basically take your money and tell you a room is guaranteed, but the whole thing is a scam. They'll keep your money and when you arrive you'll find there is no room for you, and likely the hotel doesn't even have you on record.

The scam also targets registered attendees that already booked reservations with the premise that they can get a better deal. The scam targets attendees or exhibitors and it is not exclusive to Affiliate Summit.

Here's a 4 min video with more details

DO NOT fall for these scams. The best way to book a hotel room is directly through the hotel's website, 800 number OR maybe through a travel agent you already trust and have used in the past. You could also use globally recognized and reputable websites like, and the like.

Here's more information about the Affiliate Summit West/East Scam.

See you in Las Vegas!

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