Affiliate Summit Recap of Day 1

Steak at Bouchon with Avangate
Steak at Bouchon with Avangate

So yesterday was awesome. This is by far the most fun and activity packed conference I've been. I didn't really know where to go because there were so many things going on. After registration we headed out to the Meet Market and toured the floor. Lots of cool companies that are starting out and also some established players.

#ASW13 is a pretty cool conference and you must attend if you get an opportunity. It is the only conference I've been to where you find beer and wine in the exhibit floors. It is party all the time here.

Part of hanging out with John and friends included going to the Vegas Speedway to Exotics Racing. That's where you get to play with high performance cars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis,  Audi, Mercedes Benz and others. Unfortunately not everyone got to ride, I didn't drive, but I will definitely be back to try one of these beasts out. By the time we made it out there, my phone was pretty much dead and I only got a few pictures, but I should get some pictures from other people to show you soon.

After racing came the best part of last night. First we headed out to Bouchon at The Venetian and had an awesome dinner with the guys from Avangate. I have pictures of that over in Google +.



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