Blogging – Is It As Scary As I’m Envisioning?

I received a question about blogging and I thought it would be good to share it with you. I made a video to answer it so here you go.

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The original question

My name is X, and although I've been an artist most of my life, I find blogging a bit baffling.

I found your YouTube videos quite useful, but still have a few questions. I was hoping you could coach me along.

I know I have MANY ideas to keep me going, just keep getting discouraged by the technical side of things. I want a self-hosted WordPress blog, but don't know if I know enough to keep in running.

From menus, to topics, to categories, to Tags, I find it overwhelming. I don't want to pay for a self-hosted blog, only to find that I have to give up due to lack of expertise.

blogging photo
Photo by Sean MacEntee

I have NO shortage of material and ideas, like many "stuck" artists. I wish I had a techy [sic] buddy that could follow me around until I get going. Is it as scary as I'm envisioning? Any help is appreciated.

Additional reading and information

If you feel the same way as the person that sent me this question, then my advice would be to get started sooner than later. The longer you wait, the more you'll regret it later on.

If you don't try something, then you'll never learn even the basics. When it comes to WordPress, there are many resources available at no cost or minimal expense, then if you need more sophisticated help like custom development, or customization you can hire a developer.

You may also want to see what these these two super-bloggers said about how they have become successful. Pay close attention to what they say about starting out. Keep in mind, they run some of the most successful blogs in the world so they kinda know what they're talking about.

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