Integrated Marketing Forum 2016 Registration Is Open

The Integrated Marketing Forum is coming back to Orange County in November. If you were following me last year, I attended this great event. I talked about it on the blog here. Register for the November 11 event today, chances out it will sell out.

The Integrated Marketing Forum last year was all about mobile marketing I learned a lot of stuff. The most interesting thing about it is that many of the presentations that came up during the event were exact in predicting trends and digital marketing activity going on today.

The geolocation and geofencing stuff were the most interesting topics for me at the time, and now we have Snapchat and other apps leveraging geolocation and geofencing heavily. Beacons are hot, and all this stuff is just in the nascent stages.


Obviously, mobile first was important in 2015 and it's even more important now with social media sites and search engines favoring mobile websites over non-mobile websites.

The Integrated Marketing Forum is a must-attend event for any marketer looking to find out about the cutting edge techniques and technologies.

The topic of this year's Integrated Marketing Forum is Digital First

Just like last year's mobile focused sessions, these years sessions promise to educate you and enlighten you in the digital marketing space. This year's topic is Digital First.

It doesn't matter where you live, you have to make an effort to attend. But especially if you're in Southern California, Orange County and even in Northern California and surrounding areas. Get to this event.

Who's going to be at The Integrated Marketing Forum?

Oh, you know small companies that you probably never heard of with names like: Dollar Shave Club, Samsung, Adestra, Southwest Airlines, Google.

The price of attendance is negligible when you consider the value you'll get and the stature of the speakers.

Who should attend?

The event is for and by heads of companies, marketing managers and anybody in charge of business development and sales. In addition to learning from some of the big players in the digital marketing space, there are many opportunities to network with other attendees to share and discuss ideas.

If you're a social media manager, if you're in charge of sales, marketing campaigns, if you're an executive in sales, leadership, marketing and even operations, I suggest you attend. Clearly if you are the owner of the company you should be there.

How do you attend?

Just head over to their website and register. If you want to save some money, use the code NOTAGROUCH when you check out and you'll save $15.00.

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