Book Club Update – The Power of Habit

The votes are in and we decided on the first book for the Dot Com Lifestyle book club. The book will be The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg.

If you're going to join us, then pick up a copy. We will have our first meeting in person to get started so people can meet face to face and then we'll have a lot of the interaction online.

During the first meeting, we'll decide if we do a weekly or bi-weekly meeting. But we will be reading the book in 1 month or less. Not counting the notes and prologue section, the book is 302 pages.

This will be the breakdown:

  • Week 1, pages 1-55
  • Week 2 pages 56- 126
  • Week 3 pages 127 - 212
  • Week 4 pages 213 - 302

Additional information

The following links may help you understand more about the book, keep in mind they can also contain spoilers.

Review of The Power of Habit on Bloomberg

Developing Good Habits has a really nice review and breakdown of the book. I'll be borrowing from this review to come up with questions and discussion for everyone.

Questions to think about throughout the book

  • What is the habit loop?
  • How do habits actually work?
  • Why do people keep doing self-destructive things?
  • Can habit development cause a positive change in an organization?
  • How do you form a good habit?

A quick video by Thomas Frank about some of the lessons he learned with this book.

Happy reading, and hopefully see you in person soon.


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