Can you Really Make Money From Uber? or Why Uber is Terrible


This has been on my mind for a while now. Can you really make good money with Uber? My initial response to that would be: nah, no way!

But recently in my trip to Las Vegas, we used two Uber rides and the driver in one of them was very friendly. He told us he makes great money and quit his other job to do Uber full time. Says he works about 9 hours each day. I don't think we asked him his age, but the driver was young, probably early twenties or late teens so he's happy doing the hustle.

He says there is a high demand in Las Vegas all day long, 24 7 he says. He often gets rides that are worth more because the demand for drivers is so high at that point, they call that a multiplier.

But let's be a little more realistic, you will not find crowds gathering outside a river of luxury hotels like you do in Las Vegas in many other places.

Maybe a couple of cities in the country can offer that consistent number of crowds to provide work for a large pool of Uber drivers. So I have always wondered, can you really make money with Uber? Well, the mystery has been cracked. Once you find the average hourly rate that a Uber driver makes you won't look at Uber again.

How do you find the average hourly wage for an Uber driver? You watch this video of course!

Why Uber is Terrible - Explained

I haven't tried it myself, and if I did it would only be for fun, to try the experience because I can think of a dozen things I can do with internet marketing that pay way more than Uber, and don't require risking your life or safety.


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