Consolidating Twitter Lists for WordPress

I had three or four lists of WordPress folks on Twitter. After much neglect and pretty much ignoring the lists, I decided to consolidate all WordPress folks into one list.

This is a list that contains WordPress Core coders, WordPress developers, Theme makers, WordPress service and support providers, WordPress Designers and other similar groups. You don't have to be Otto to be in the list, but you do have to be fairly active in some aspect of WordPress, but I also need to know you or be aware of you so I can add you.

Maybe you provide services for the front-end, or you provide support, or you lead discussions, etcetera. Let me know so I can include you.

I'd love to make this a very useful resource, so if you know someone that should be included (even if it's you), please let me know and I'll add him or her or You to the list.

You can see two of my buddies from Orange County in that screenshot by the way. @HeyDaveCole and @alexjvasquez, follow them!


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