Driving with Oscar – Episode 1 – Should I try a Saturated Niche?


In this video, I start my new series of Driving with Oscar. Where I will share with you insights, stories and commentary as I drive around Orange County. Sometimes I drive a lot in one week, sometimes I don't drive at all.

Primarily you'll find me driving when I'm visiting friends, going out to eat and to review a restaurant,  taking my daughter somewhere or going to run one of the meetups I lead, like Dot Com Lifestyle or Free Lunch Friday. The internet has afforded me the freedom to avoid the long commutes most people have because they have to go to work.

Specifically in this video, I introduce myself and talk about a few things. The main topic is based around a question I received from my friend Loren.  He wanted to know if he should go into a saturated niche. I went a little longer than expected but the next few episodes are less than 10 minutes.

Enjoy, and please give me your feedback and if you have a question you want me to answer, leave it in the comments!

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