What Equipment is Needed to Join the 90 Day Video Challenge?

One of the biggest excuses people make when presented with the 90 day video challenge is the lack of equipment to make videos. In this video, my second video for the 90 day video challenge I talk about what kind of equipment you need.

Excuses don't really help you, so if you have a smart phone. All you need is to come up with an idea and start recording. In future videos I'll give you some ideas about which topics you can cover.

If you have a smart phone, that's all you need to start. Keep it simple, just get started.

As you grow, you can improve buy better equipment but you can always start with what you have. If you have a point and shoot camera that can record in 720p quality then you could also use that.

I have a few different cameras that I use, but the majority of the videos I make are shot with my Galaxy Note 5. This makes it so easy to shoot a video when the idea pops into my head because I always have my phone with me.

If money is no object, then you could start by buying a nice DSLR and a great microphone and fancy editing software, but if you don't have deep pockets, then just use what you already have with you, your iPhone or Android phone and get started.


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