Free Transfer – Blog & Website Special for May – Amazing

In case you didn't notice, I'm doing the #31DBBB Challenge, also known as the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog by Darren Rowse you can download it here. Day number 4 calls to promote a blogpost. And I wasn't sure what post to promote. I have so many things I'd like people to read so it's hard to pick just one. So I thought why not post the special of the month and promote that post. For bloggers and business owners interested in a free website, I'll make last month's special seem not so special.

For this month, if you check out my free website deal and take advantage of it, I'll build your website or blog, or transfer an existing one, for FREE and I'll transfer your site like last month too.

[box]If you didn't know about this, just check out free website the deal here. But on with the post to tell you about the special.[/box]

So just like the deal says, if you buy hosting plan I recommend, I will install and setup your website, then you design it. But for May's special, I'll throw in the content transfer from your website to a wordpress website. So if you have a static website with about 20 pages or less, I will convert it to WordPress for free in adition to installing just like the deal says. This is only for May.

Seriously, this is a good deal

Yes, you read that right, I will convert your existing website from any platform into WordPress. Keep in mind, you still have to find a theme that you like. But I will take care of moving the content from each page over to the new website. With the free website I offer, you save time and headaches. Most of the work is done for you. You won't don't have to worry about all the technical stuff like DNS, and hosting, databases and FTP or even Permalinks. I setup all the aspects of WordPRess for you. Backups, best security practices, essential plugins, and more.


The special for May is unheard of. I will save you even more time and trouble because I'll copy your content over. I'll even include a contact form and one additional data collection form if you need it or have one already.

Once the blog or website is up and ready, you'll be able to use any theme you want to use and customize it further just the way you'd like. Just like the original free offer.

The benefits of the free website & May's special

Remember the amount of themes available for WordPress is in the thousands, and I give you over 20 of the top free themes and access to my private collection of premium themes for you to pick one. I can also recommend a few paid themes that I really like. Ultimately you can do whatever you wan to your website and make it look any way you want, but I will have taken care of the most technical part of the whole thing. Moving your content and setting up WordPress for you. And did you see that all this service is free?

Here are some of the sites I've built for free recently:

These are being transferred now and we're either waiting for the design to be finalized or we're waiting for a specific date to release the new site to the public:

  • (This is a transfer and Mayra from Eslito Familiar is having her theme designed so it is still in transition)
  • Health Care Today - this hasn't been designed, but it's ready and the owner is working on the design.
  • Urdigitalmedia - - Also in transition. I'll update you guys when we're finished.

I'm also helping a few other people in their transition, and they're still deciding what theme to use, but they took advantage of April's offer. Smart folks.

So that's what's unique about my service. If your site is already live somewhere but you want to transfer it, I'll take care of everything related to the transfer so you don't disrupt your visitors. When you are satisfied with your design after I install the website and transfer your content, I'll "flip the switch on to your new website" so your visitors never have to see a  "maintenance" or "under construction" notice.

If this sounds like a good deal, go ahead and follow the five easy steps. If you can't or don't want to use this, perhaps you know someone else I can help? I'd hate for someone to see this post in June and wish they had seen it earlier. It's a great opportunity, I don't think anyone else out there can offer you something like this so if you like this deal even if you can't use it, please share it!


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