Google about to enter the geolocation apps arena with Schemer. Humpday Tweet Review.

LoriMoreno - @LoriMoreno
One love, one heart, one destiny. ~ Bob Marley

Great message, great song. Let's get together and feel alright!...

LoriMoreno - @LoriMoreno
Multiply Your Reach and Supercharge Your Retweets with Triberr! via @DanielSharkov

Two of my favorite people on Twitter talk about this post so it must be good. A good article actually about using Triberr.

Vi - @vi_rox
Great panel tonight discussing Social Gaming - @rivvid @gamingangel @betterworks @zamland for @smc_la @ingdirectlacafe #smcla

Interesting, I must see what this #SMCLA is all about. Maybe meet Vi in real life soon.

Daria - @msdcarey
Sometimes I want things to go much faster, other times I want things to slow down. At this moment I have no idea which is which

This is how I feel a lot lately, and it's only Tuesday. We can only do what we can do right Daria!?

Mitch Devine - @DevineLines
Thank you, Amber! RT @AmberCadabra: Great time with #LinkedOC tonight. Thank you all, and thanks @BryanElliott for the amazing hospitality.

Everyone was tweeting about this event. Sad to have to miss it, but client work has taken up all my time. That along with some very exciting news coming soon... And some new projects and finally wrapping up the beginning of the year stuff.

Angel Xie - @AngelXie
Build a database of everyone's heartbeat and health infor RT @gigaom: Every heartbeat tells a story. Why not track it?

This sounds interesting. With this kind of data over a long period of time and across a large enough sample you can probably start predicting and finding out about heart disease and abnormalities really early on.

Raghavendra Swamy - @bennishiroor
#Google has taken on the location based social network #Foursquare with the launch of

Turns out that Google is planning on doing something more useful than Google Places with all that data it has been gathering on you. It's called Schemer and it's in private beta right now -

Amalik Amriou - @amalik
#storytelling vs. Corporate Speak. #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #contentmarketing #infographic

Great infographic, and it is posted on Pinterest. Go figure! I'm starting to see more and more infographics in Pinterest. Seems like a logical place for them since it's such a visual place.

Amanda Wernick - @FUNomenalMe
RT @ABC Philadelphia Man Rescues Squirrel Stuck in Bag of Pistachios < @BillLublin. Did this make Ur evening news? =)

Amanda always tweeting to make you smile.

John Chow - @JohnChow
@jeffreyskang Hell no! I ordered my 27" iMac with the normal 4GB RAM and then upgraded to 16GB afterward. 🙂

And that's how you should always buy apple computers. Buy the least amount of RAM then upgrade with third party RAM. Cheaper and just as good. No sense in spending hundreds of dollars for something that costs a fraction... oh wait...

Jeff Hester - @jeffhester
The end of Dropbox? RT @DarinRMcClure: Go Google! Go Google Drive!

Definitely not the end of Dropbox or other cloud services as much as Gmail didn't and hasn't marked the end of Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and exchange. Extremely useful, incredibly valuable, but not easy for everyone to adopt as early as we do.

With all the recent "issues" and complaints about Google, I see this as an uphill battle for GOOG.

MaryAnne Wendt  - @maryannewendt
I love when the audio & video feed is not synced on the news. It's like watching a Bruce Lee movie with the lips not matching.

This happens to me a lot on Netflix, not just the news. I think it's going to be a more prevalent problem in the future as more and more people move to online TV & shows.

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