Gravity Forms a must have Premium Plugin for WordPress

I was reluctant to buy Gravity Forms. I thought what can Gravity Forms do that the free, ready and very capable Contact Form 7 can't do?.

Well let me tell you, there's plenty it can't do. Gravity Forms is by far the best form maker system I've used in WordPress.

I know it may seem pricey, but when you really explore the form making capabilities, you can do almost anything with Gravity Forms. If you couple it with some custom post types you can create any kind of website you need. Check it out when you can, it's worth every penny. I use it on all my sites and it comes included in our packages at OscarsTech and OC Web Pro.

You can get Gravity Forms right here.

So far I've used it for a restaurant menu, for standard contact forms, surveys, and for a donations collection page. In a few weeks I will show you how I integrated Views, Types and Gravity Forms into a really cool Wedding registry. Views & Types are two other plugins I'll tell you more about soon.

But you could start a free WordPress website and with Gravity Forms, you could start taking surveys like the one in the picture. You're not doing paper surveys still are you?

I've heard of some amazing sites and tools built on Gravity Forms, have you done anything exciting or out of the ordinary with them?

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