April 2013 Blogging Recap

I wanted to highlight some of my most popular posts from last month. In case you missed them, these are the most popular and visited blogposts.
Writer’s Block be Gone! 8 Unusual Tips for bloggers - A list of 8 things that you can follow as a blogger so that you don't get stuck next time you sit down to write your next blogpost.

You Don’t Have Problems, Only Opportunities - A very heartfelt blogpost I felt compelled to write for you. Coincidentally, or by law of attraction, karma or just by the energy out there, the moment I published it things began changing. Literally, 4 new opportunities came my way, signed a new client and improved my affiliate sales. I'm still considering sharing my affiliate income report with you guys. Let me know if you'd like to see it.

Updating Plugins on your Free Website - part of my quickstart guide for my free websites, this teaches you how to keep your plugins up to date in your WordPress blog or website.

Sweetening up the Deal. Free Website and More - This was April's bonus offer to go along with my free website service. Terrific offer if you ask me, and several people took advantage of it. Everyone is happy to get the type of service I offer and this really put it over the top. I will be announcing May's offering sometime in the next two or three days.

Review IM John Chow – Email Marketing Course - This is the initial review I wrote for IM John Chow. Terrific internet marketing course by John himself. This is a great product, but check out the review for more details. I'm also keeping notes on each specific module, lesson and tasks to give you a super comprehensive review when I'm finished with it. Already I'm seeing some positive results by applying the lessons and I've only scratched the surface so far.

What is Inbound Marketing? - In a super short blogpost and short video I answer this question for anyone that didn't know. Don't be taken advantage by fast-talking, slick looking, so called marketing and social media gurus. They'll throw buzzwords and catchphrases your way to impress you and oversell you. This is one of (hopefully many) informational "what-is?" type of vlogs and blogposts I'll share with you about the internet, marketing, wordpress and technology.

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