It’s time to Talk Some Politics. Commentary on Hillary Clinton’s Interview With Diane Sawyer

I watched this video recently. It's the full interview of Hillary Clinton with Diane Sawyer, from June 2014. They talk about her book, they talk about her last run and campaign for president. Diane Sawyer is great at interviewing and she did a great job asking some tough questions. What do you think of this?

And it's and "old" interview but still quite relevant since Hillary is running for president. The interview is in fact just less than a year old so I find it quite pertinent to the current conversation.

Here are my comments on the whole thing

"I didn't plan it well!"
She said about losing against Obama.  I find this to be total bullshit, I think she planned it well and she is a strategist, she just simply can't admit she lost because she just doesn't cut it as the nation's leader.

"I haven't made up my mind"
She said about running for president again. We know now she is running... but I find this answer to be another bullshit answer. There's no way that she didn't know that she wanted to run again. I find most of her answers just full of deception. She's so hard to like and more importantly, hard to believe.

Enough with the Clinton and the Bushes.
Yes. I agree with Barbara bush on this. We need fresh blood, non-politicians. What happened to "by the people for the people" let's get the career politicians out of the way and let real people lead this country.

I take very seriously the obligations of secrecy.
Sure she does, we know that now after her mass deletion of illegal emails. How can we possibly trust her. I know not to use personal email for business when I work for a company, you know this. Why doesn't she? It is obvious she knew but did this deliberately.

Around minute 18:00 -- Sawyer asks where is the achievement? And in typical fashion she weasels herself out of the question. She's really good at deflecting, a master at skirting the issue; this is a true politician.

About the threat to the Libyan ambassador, she continues to deflect by saying things like "we have threats all over." In order to minimize her failing leadership in protecting the embassy.

I find her comment about "what difference does it make now?" to be appalling. It makes a huge difference, Hillary. For this is how we hold people accountable for negligence and failures so that these can be prevented again!

Age matters, says Sawyer. Her answer "it may depend on the person" No, sorry but age matters quite a bit, Hillary.

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