Focus at Will, Music to Improve your Productivity

Focusing on a single task has been proven, time and time again to be one of the most effective ways to complete that task accurately and expediently.

But we often fool ourselves into thinking that we can multi-task. Really, mostly, we can't multi-task.

If you want to really multitask, one of the two tasks you're doing must be so ingrained in you, that it's almost second nature. Like walking, or maybe driving.

But if you need to concentrate in a task, like writing a blog post, there are few other things you can do at the same time.

One of these things you can do is listen to music, but even that can be problematic at times.

What's wrong with regular music?

Music, or the ritual of finding the right song can be distracting and time-consuming.

Then, once you find the right song, you end up singing along to it, or you get distracted by it, and lose track of your actual task.

Focus @ Will is here to change that. I recently signed up and I took the product tour so I thought I'd show it to you since I recorded the whole thing. I really like how it's made and how it works.

I hope my video doesn't scare you away from this app, you really should try it I highly recommend you check it out. It will make you wonder how you ever lived without it and it facilitates a great productivity life-hack.

I actually talked about Focus at Will before when I told you why I quit Spotify and you should too, on this blog post over here.

What's focus@will for?

The whole purpose of the Focus@will service is to provide you with the right music to put you in focus of whatever task you need to complete.

I am listening to the uptempo channel on the high-energy mode as I write this blog post.


Screenshot of the focus@will app playing the uptempo channel
Listening to the Uptempo channel with focus@will.


Focus@will is supposed to help increase your productivity.

So far, it is working for me. I like having sounds in the background while I work, but I can easily get distracted if it's a podcast, a video or even a music playlist I made.

But this is working great so far. This is one new tool in my arsenal of productivity, along with TimeDoctor.

Focus@will Product Tour

But anyway, I took the product tour and I thought I'd share it with you. I made a short video about it so you can see it.

In Conclusion:

I really liked the product tour of this app and I'm really like the app itself. I thought I would show you and recommend it for you.

The purpose of the app is to provide music that you can play to help you focus, it's good for reading, or getting more work done. I use it to write blog posts, or when I'm doing something that needs my attention 100%.

It's worth checking it out and trying out the channel recommender quiz they have to see which music would be best for you. Try it free for 14 days here.

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