The Jesus shot, Tiger Wood walks on water.

Tiger Woods just keeps getting better and better and better. watch this birdie shot from the water trap, literally FROM the water.

Gamers everywhere are rejoicing, the next year or so is promising to be filled with many top-notch games, Spore, Fifa09, TG09, Battlefield, etc, etc. I don't follow the gaming industry religiously as I used to, mainly due to a lack of wastable time. But I keep track of a few games I really like, and in my daily checks this morning I found this video.  It's by EA, a brilliant marketing effort for their new Tiger Woods 09 game.

[youtube FZ1st1Vw2kY]

Gotta love the Jesus Shot!


  1. Awesome. I’m surprised (at least I haven’t heard yet) all the religious wackos have not freaked out and started a ban of EA games.

  2. HAHA, it’s just a matter of time.

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