Kevin Hart and The Oscars Controversy

These are my thoughts on the whole Kevin Hart and the Oscars controversy.

If you didn't know, Kevin Hart was going to host the Oscars in 2019. But as his luck would have it and as it's customary for social justice warriors, some old tweets of his were dug up.

This is happening more and more with not only celebrities but with common people like you and me. It seems like we can't go a week without someone getting fired, expelled, excommunicated and or forced to apologize for old thoughts, old comments or like in the case of Kevin Hart, old tweets.

This is happening at an alarming rate. People are in fear now of saying the wrong thing, of looking the wrong way, of laughing at the wrong joke. In fact, even I'm considering some protections for that and I started deleting all my old tweets. More on that later, but we simply can't trust people to do the right thing, to be noble and moral and to mind their own business.

Have we gotten to the point where our egos are so fragile that a joke is so offensive that we're willing to destroy someone's life over it? Is that the next way to fulfill our life's desires?

I mean, WTF.

So back to Kevin's story. So, someone dug up the tweets from Kevin and brought them to light. His "team" as he describes on an Instagram post told him that the world was upset about the tweets and he responded with this:


The Academy then contacted Kevin and asked him to apologize or they'd have to give the host role to someone else.

As I was following the whole drama with these old tweets and Kevin Hart, I was so happy that he posted a response. His initial response was to tell the Academy that he wasn't going to apologize, that the tweets had been addressed and that if they wanted to pull the gig then to go for it.

As a side note, who cares about the Oscars anyway? They're a dying show, with dramatically dwindling viewership over the past several years.

This made me so happy. Finally, someone standing up to the outrage culture movement.

But then... then, that's where my video takes over.


To Kevin, if you ever read this. Man, you should not have apologized. You should not have apologized.

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