Less than a week away for Home Business Summit

I'm so glad we have so many of our friends coming to the Home Business Summit. John had 50 tickets to give away, and these went out fairly quickly. We then got 15 more and they went overnight. So maybe you missed the chance to get a free ticket, but spots are still available if you want to attend.


Believe me, this event is life-changing and you should come with me and John. You've heard me tell you the stories, I've shown you pictures, videos and techniques from past events I've been to. These are good and I've learned a tremendous amount of information and made incredible connections. The secret that John doesn't mention on this video is that in the event you'll certainly learn quite a bit... but the extra benefit that makes this be worth it is the networking.

Everyone knows you don't go to yale to "learn" and you don't go to USC or UCLA to get a "degree" -- those are just side benefits. Really, these universities are 4 year long networking events to put you in touch and connect you with possible partners employers and investors. The Home Business Summit will teach you all the techniques and methods required to grow your business or start an online based business... no doubt about that, but you will also get a huge bonus by just meeting people.

I'm anxious and excited about the event, I'm really looking forward to Friday night's mixer (open bar) where we will get to know each other and start bouncing ideas and collaborating. Saturday we'll put our heads down to learn and Sunday we'll learn even more. I have not been this excited about an event in a long time. Best part about it is that many of my friends will be there so that we can network together and meet even more amazing people. See you there!

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