Wild About Greens Challenge

Recently I watched Matt Cutts Ted video about his 30 day challenges. I've always wanted to do a 30 day challenge too. So I thought about the different ways I could approach one for myself.

My Wife has been telling me that I need to eat healthier, and she's right. As I've been working a lot to develop my business online. And sometimes with that kind of work and effort we forget to take care of ourselves so I thought, how can I integrate better healthier living into my daily work?

Why, a 30 day blogging challenge of course. So I picked up a copy of Wild About Greens and will be trying to have a salad once a day for 30 days. I'll be using the book as a guide to make different salads so that the challenge doesn't get boring.


The real challenge will be doing this during the upcoming holiday parties, events and celebrations. I'll have even less free time during the next 30 days than I've had in the past few months. But as I mentioned before, sometimes we need a little pressure to get things done right?

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