New Partnership with the O.C. Writers Community

In February I joined the O.C. Writers team as their tech resident expert and marketing blogger. We started working on a long laundry list of stuff to make the site better and start focusing on growth. I'm jubilant to say that things are going well and so far this might be one of the best projects I have taken on lately.

The blog has a monthly theme, and March's theme is "Green." You can read my first article there; it's titled You Need a Platform to Make the Green. So far it's well received, and I think it has the most shares out of any articles. It talks about the need to have a proper platform if you're an author.

The plan is to publish between four and eight blog posts each month over there to help authors and aspiring authors understand online marketing better and help them establish their online presence. I have always said it and will continue to say it; you need your own website!

Even my kids have their own domains and websites. They were established well before they were born; that's how important I think websites are.

Social media is great and a critical resource to help build an audience, and extend our reach, but ultimately a website is our own platform where we make the rules, we publish what we want, and we brand ourselves in the best possible way. In contrast, social media can be restrictive and rigid.

I hope to convey the idea that every author, aspiring or published should have their own blog or at least a website so they can start branding themselves and establishing age in their domain. Wish me luck!

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