Optinmonster is Shutting down the Ultimate Plan

You've heard me talk about Optinmonster before. I have several posts about it and even a few videos.

I love Optinmonster, I really like all the features and I think it can really enhance your blog. Since I talked to you last, they added at least 2 new modules (maybe more).

The thing that bums me out is that they're canceling their Ultimate plan. That's the one I have and have had since Optinmonster started.

The ultimate plan if you're wondering gives you all the benefits of Optinmonster, forever. As long as Optinmonster exists, you'll get updates and support.

The ultimate plan is going away and if you want to buy it or have considered it before then now is the time to do it. 2015 will see many new changes and improvements to the plugin.

I think it's a smart move in their part so they can continue to provide top notch support and a product. But it kind of sucks for you if you haven't bought it yet.

Who doesn't like this little monster?
Who doesn't like this little monster?

So I recommend, if you're interested that you buy it now... before they take it away. It's pricy, but it's well worth it. Click here to check it out, or read another post I just wrote about Optinmonster here again.

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