Recycling Your Old Electronics.

I found this nice surprise the other day. I was at Target and noticed that their customer service area has a series of recycling bins. I noticed that one of the recycling bins wasn't the usual paper, cans or greens. It's actually a bin for batteries, small electronics and what Target calls "mp3" I didn't know you could recycle "mp3s." LOL, but in anyway, check it out:

It is usually hard to find a place that will take your batteries and other devices for recycling. Here in Irvine for example, you have to drive to the recycling center and they'll take it for free, but that's not very convenient.

I know other cities don't even have that! Many people will be too lazy to find an alternative that is safe for the environment so this is a great thing that Target is offering. So as the holidays come to your house, surely you'll be getting rid of some electronics, make sure you recycle them and don't let them end up at the landfill.

Just head over to Target to use that as a recycling center for this kind of stuff.

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