Pull Back From People Who Won’t Listen To You

This is one of the golden pieces of advice from Jordan B. Peterson. It has taken a couple of decades for this advice to actually click and settle in. It's not new, but sometimes you have to hear something several times or from different perspectives before it "clicks."

It's making the rounds in TikTok with all the inspiration and quote accounts so I don't want to devalue it, but it definitely needs to be heard by all my fellow creators, coaches, mentors, teachers. Also, you should be put on notice if you're one of the people not listening.

I memorialized this with a little TikTok. The full video with Jordan B. Peterson is below the TikTok video.


Sometimes we have to stop trying to get people to listen. Their loss. Pull back.

♬ original sound - Oscar Gonzalez

Full Video:

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