Random Pictures From Last Year

I've been doing a little bit of cleaning house on my blog, removing unused plugins. Cleaning up comments, categories and tags. I found this post in draft mode and it's just a small collection of images I took last year. I think I used this as a place holder to upload photos from my phone straight into my blog.

I can only assume that because of the way the files are named. wpid-longass-id-with-date-and-time.jpg So anyway, enjoy.

Claire Elise Swaddled One Month Old Baby Picture
Claire swaddled at just over a month old.
Pink With White Polka Dot Pictures
A piggy bank Claire received as a gift from our friend Vanesa
El Caballero Sticker on a Mac Picture
Sticker I found on a Mac, I think this was on Debbie's Laptop.
Picture of a home made omelette and bread
Home made breakfast from my wife. Delicious.
Picture of a book The Shoemoney Story
One of the pictures I took of The Shoemoney Story for the review I did.
Baby waking up or falling asleep
A picture of Claire at just over a month, waking up or falling asleep.
Picture of an In and Out double double burger without bun
This is a double double from In and Out, Animal style, extra tomatoes. Awesome
Picture of Oscar Gonzalez & Daniel Pink
Got a chance to meet Daniel Pink, author of To Sell is Human and Drive.
Picture of Home Made Ramen
One of the many dishes my wife makes me regularly. Beef ramen