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With the new year comes a whole new wave of trends and topics to read about and follow. This morning, as I prepared for the onslaught of refreshed energetic marketers and new internet memes I decided to do something out of the ordinary for me. Whether 2010 is the beginning or the end for you (opinion varies), we definitely are at the the beginning of a new year so I thought it would be suitable to start over with my feeds and the items in the Google Reader. I selected all my subscriptions and (not before backing up of course) I unsubscribed. My goolge reader now looks like this:

Google Reader At zero
Google Reader At zero

It feels refreshing. Nothing pending, no 1000+ items to read and most important of all, less clutter, and a great start for better organization of RSS feeds. New to Google Reader? You can read a great introductory article here to get you started.

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