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12/23 Easiest way to increase your income.

12/23 A week before New Year, Guess what time it is?

12/29 #Redpill #PSA on a big mistake many mommy bloggers make. (Public video)

12/31 How to make 2016 better than 2015 (video).

1/2 How to achieve more with the right people (video).

1/2 Q&A about Facebook Lists (video).

1/3 How to overcome one of the biggest obstacles in blogging (video).

1/4 How is this Monday different than any other Monday (video).

1/5 The profitability of a blog, and some of the myths and misconceptions. (video)

1/7 Clickbank, PPC and landing pages question. (Public video)

1/7 $3000 in 48 hours. Post with screenshots and breakdown.

1/8 Q&A Monetizing a niche site with affiliate links (video).

1/9 One of the best ways to improve traffic and retention on your website (Public video)

1/9 Why being comfortable isn't part of being an entrepreneur (video)

1/9 Q&A Keyword research tools before deciding on a niche (video)

1/16 Newbie blogger mistake #1. Avoid this and get on to a good start (Public video)

1/17 Tips for new bloggers, things to avoid and why. (video)


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