Would You Take the Red Pill?

I recently asked some of my closest Facebook friends to decide wether they would like to take the red pill or the blue pill.

Remember, all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.

For those of you born in the mid to late 90s and after, the reference to the red pill could be lost in the droves of pop culture of years past.

Allow me to explain a little bit. The red pill and blue pill have become synonymous of truth and discovery and self deceit and ignorance, respectively.

In the movie The Matrix, Morpheus asks Neo to make a choice between the red pill and the blue pill. You can read that whole exchange here.

Or better yet, watch the video clip of it, it's much more entertaining.

I asked the same question to my friends

Blue pill or red pill?

The red pill would open their Facebook stream to the truth, where I am sharing some of the most valuable information I have about marketing.

I share numbers, techniques, methods, goals, and other things most people don't get to see or even wonder about when outside of the industry.

There is a daily video that reveals or explains a specific topic. I also answer questions and help my friends to do it better, faster, stronger, and more profitable.

Which pill would you take?

If I gave you a choice between taking the red pill or the blue pill. What would you pick?

So far, about 97% of the people have selected the red pill. And I think they don't have any regrets.

This is my informal invitation for you to join these people. If you would like to request access, you need to be ready to learn new things, you must be willing to participate in the conversations and  two things must happen.

  1. You have to be my friend on Facebook.
  2. You have to ask me to invite you in a private message. You will then receive further instructions.

So stop going around life like most people and go for the #redpill

If you are already in the #redpill exclusive list, then you may find an index of all #redpill past updates here, there are also a couple of public posts so that you can get a preview of what's available.

Yes, this is all free.

Normally I charge hundreds of dollars per hour to give you this information, but because I found a way to do it easily and it helps me sort out my thoughts and write more blogposts I am letting a few people in to see this at no cost.

If you want to join, you know what to do.

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