Shhh… We Don’t Talk About it –Taboo Topic in Business

In this video I talk about this taboo topic... yeah you know what it is, don't you?. It is so taboo that I can't talk about it openly, people judge. I might talk more about this in the future.

It all depends on the response this video gets, but I know suicide is definitely a taboo topic.

I couldn't add the word in the Youtube video description for fear that Youtube might penalize the video. Tubebuddy extension suggested that it may hurt my monetization options.

And my fears are not unfounded. It's not just the warning from Tubebuddy. We see censorship and demonetization on Youtube daily.

This video is for my friends and those of you in business. Believe me, the struggle is real. The struggle is lonely, but you've got options, and not just one.

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