SMMOC Scoop This!


Now you can add your own stories to the SMMOC curation page at, please just let me know via Twitter or email me and I'll get you access. I am sure I miss a few of the posts and information that comes up related to SMMOC. The idea is that this is content by SMMOC members for everyone to read or view. So blog about SMMOC, or make videos and then scoop up the articles or let me know about them and I'll scoop them up too!

The goal of the SMMOC topic is to help members get visibility into their own posts or videos. You can also see the latest posts from the SMMOC page on my own website.

If you don't want to add a story, but just read the ones that get posted, you can subscribe to the feed from the page. Look for the RSS symbol and add the page to your favorite feed reader.

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