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The main thing to explain here is that many of the links you'll find throughout this website are affiliate links. I explain more about this below.

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Two of the ways that I make money from this blog is by using affiliate relationships with various companies and by accepting sponsored posts. If you're not familiar with these things, let me briefly explain them.

Affiliate relationships

Many products and services have an affiliate program. This means that they offer a way for people like me and you to tell other people about their product and get compensated when someone buys said product or service.

So when you click on some links on my blog post, you'll be supporting this blog if you end up buying the product or service referred to by that link. THANK YOU!

Almost anybody can do this, in fact, I teach and encourage everyone to start a blog and monetize it by using affiliate marketing, a subset of online marketing, both topics that I talk about a lot in this blog.

Under no circumstances will you pay more when you use one of my links. In fact, many times using my link will save you money because I have negotiated better pricing for my readers. Sometimes the link has a one time, or first time discount automatically applied.

If you know how to look at links, you'll notice that many times links I use begin with the domain

Most of the links that contain that domain are affiliate links, sometimes I use that URL shortener just for convenience too, it's my private domain so unless I get hacked, you can always trust those links to take you to the right spot.

Sponsored posts

When you see a sponsored post, that means that the company or a representative has paid me or exchanged products or services in order for me to publish that post.

Most of the services and products you'll see on my blog are provided for free for review or full use so that I may blog about them. Generally, there are three types of posts you'll see on my blog which may be sponsored posts: spotlight features, reviews or tutorials.

Spotlight features are just an announcement type of post to tell you about the service. This is the closest to what some people would call an advertorial.

Reviews are blog posts about the product or service from a user's perspective and contain my opinion of the product. Tutorials are self-explanatory but contain instructions on how to use the product.

If you'd like to sponsor a post or be featured, please use the self-serve system under the advertise page.

About my reviews

The one type of sponsored post you could be most concerned with is the review type of post because some people think that if I am paid for a review I will only write positive things about it.

You can be sure that when I write a review, my opinion of the product doesn't change based on whether the post is sponsored or not. I will always tell you my honest opinion, I'll include the bad, the good and whether I would recommend the product to you or not. I don't always get paid for reviews; sometimes the review has affiliate links, sometimes they don't.

Guest Posting

If you want to contribute a guest blog post, or become a regular contributor to the blog get in touch with me.


You'll see boxes throughout the blog that indicates when there's a special notice or disclosure. I use these to provide context or disclosure to a post.

Affiliate disclosure looks like this and has an icon indicating it. It takes you here, to this page to read the disclosure notices.
This in the other hand, is just a notice that explains something about the article itself but the notice is not part of the article.