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How to Keep up with Websites Without RSS Feed – #30DBC Day 18

ChangeDetection.com This allows you give them a website address, and as it changes, they'll notify you via email. From their own website: ChangeDetection.com provides page change monitoring and notification services to internet users. WatchThatPage.com Watch that page with this service. You can register and get a running list of all the pages you're monitoring. You can also…
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Tipping point for Empire Avenue, incoherent thoughts and ramblings.

Last year, I heard of this little site called Empire Avenue. I think BitRebels brought it up to my attention. And I tried to get all my friends and colleagues  to join, I even invited my friends from Twitter.  The responses were dismal, "why?" "WTF? I don't want to buy 'people'" or "that seems like a huge waste of…
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