Thank you for choosing to stay in touch with me through my newsletter and emails. I also thank you for talking with me.

It was a pleasure meeting you and as I mentioned, here is some of the information I may have shared with you about me. Please stay in touch! You can email me or call me if you have any questions, you have my contact information on your email now and now you know my blog, don't forget to bookmark it!

Find me

I usually attend 2 - 5 meetups each month throughout Southern California. I like to meet new people and keep in touch. You can find me on and see what I'm up to if you want to hang out with me at one of the events.

Join me

I take on the leadership role for a few groups and I'd like to invite you to join me.

If you are a blogger or want to become a blogger, for fun or profit, you can join my Blogging Group on Facebook. Just go to it and ask to join.

Come to Free Lunch Friday. Free Food & Beer and awesome connections happen at Free Lunch Friday on the last Friday of every month. I lead the Orange County Chapter so come and hang out with me at the last Friday of every month. More information at Free Lunch Friday Orange County.

Use me

Really, I am a jack of all trades when it comes to business. I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs, I have worked my entire professional career with start-ups, both well funded and bootstrapped. I also have run my own consulting company for over 5 years. I am a techie, a technophile, or more professionally a technologist. But my expertise and experience lends itself to the collaboration of all departments in a company for the better use of technology.

I Discover, Design and Deploy the best technologies for you.

If you need a system deployed, talk to me. If you need a helping hand with systems administration, Linux, Microsoft, WordPress or any of the underlying technologies, ask me.

Get a FREE website

That's right, I will build a starter website for you for free. If you don't need one, you know someone that does! Let them know and be their hero. All the information is available here.

Connect with me

I'm available on Google+, on Facebook and I also have a Facebook "Fan page." But I'm most active on Twitter. For a complete list of profiles you can find, visit my social network profile page.

And if you prefer some of the old school methods, my phone number is: 949 459 3571, and you can email me at oscar [at] oscarstech [dot] com. (I don't need to explain the "at" and "dot" part right?

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