Updating Plugins on your Free Website

As more people are taking notice of the free website stuff, I'm trying to put a simple manual or quickstart together to help with all aspects of setting up your WordPress site. I think people that are new to WordPress need it. And if I'm the one convincing you to come to WordPress and use my service, then I think I should at least have a starting point for you. So if you want to see it, it's at the free WordPress Quickstart Guide.

When I build people's websites I often hear what the previous "wordpress person" told them... Everyone tells you something like this: It's WordPress, so it's easy to use. Anyone can do it!. That followed by the wink and a smile. The truth is that most people (maybe you too), don't like dealing with this stuff. It may be easy for them to do it because they do it all day long for many websites. But for you as a business owner, you don't need that added pressure.

So here's another simple video for your new free WordPress site. This is how to update plugins. It's simple but useful.

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