My first post on this “self development” journey.

So I'm not even sure where to start. I'll start my self development section by admitting I need to self develop, as some would say.

My bills are late, my clients won't pay, the new free offer they won't take. Ay ay ay. Self development topics that are in my radar roughly in this order:

  • Time management. I talked about that recently for a little bit but it is hard to stay on this and do it consistently.
  • Finances management. I suck at this. I know it. Must fix it.
  • Revenue. Increase revenue.
  • Yes man? Stop saying yes!? Sometimes I'm like Jim Carrey in Yes Man. Combine that with a master procrastinator and we have a problem.

So where do we start? With the most important and "simple" one yet, it requires the most attention. Revenue. How to increase revenue.

High Quality web design isn't in high demand. But I've come up with my free WordPress installation offer. This helps everyone. It helps you or the person checking out the offer because it gives them the opportunity to have a new website, and it helps me. It helps me by paying a commission each time someone buys their hosting. So that's one way I'm going to increase revenue. By the way, if you don't mind, check out the free offer and if you know anyone that needs such a service, please pass it on them. I'd appreciate it!

The second way to generate revenue is a new social media program that I'll be launching soon. I've mentioned a few times before and hopefully it'll be ready for preview and early access in the next week or two. If you're interested in joining that elite group of people that will get lifetime access sign up for the updates for this site. I'll be making the announcement there first.

Third and last way that I'll share with you is affiliate marketing. I have started working to become an internet marketer. My previous post saying that I am a marketer is a reminder. And if I'm going to do this for myself then I need to step up and get into it more. I'm hesitant of doing an open case study, it seems cliche. Maybe I'll just tell you some of the stuff I'm doing as I go and tell you if it's doing well or not. Coming up in a new post soon.

For now, I have to get going and get my lovely wife some financials for our tax returns. Then my existing clients are waiting. Wish me luck, I've got lots to fix.


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