Keep up with the latest WordPress version, its good for ya.

The latest WordPress version has been released, and it comes loaded with dozens of cool features, bugfixes an  what I call "efficiency tweaks". Its worthwhile to get your site upgraded if you're using WordPress, remember, if you have a vanilla WordPress installation you can use the InstantUpgrade plugin and be on your way in under 30 secs. I just did it for this site. Or you can follow the easy upgrade instructions directly from

Here are a few of the things that caught my eye in regards to the new features and changes:

  • Revision system! while you're writing, you can go back to an earlier version of a draft, similar to the way Wikis work. It even allows for multiple author collaboration. Enterprise... here comes WordPress!
  • Captions to your images. It seems that this is now nicely integrated and actually displays the caption.
  • Live theme preview before you commit. You can preview then activate if you like it.
  • Gears integration - works with FF2, 3, IE 6 and 7 and support for Safari 3 is on its way.
  • A lot of little features that facilitate management and a few new features like more support for social
    media badges.
  • Select a range of check boxes with "shift-click." This is HUGE!

It also appears that themes and plugins were mostly left alone; this means that if your themes and plugins work on 2.5.X then they should work on 2.6 seamlessly. Well anyway, there are over 194 bugs fixed in this version so its recommended that you update, especially for security reasons.

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