Youtube Gold. Rob Dyke and Seriously Strange

Rob Dyke produces a weekly show called Seriously Strange. Rob has made its way into my subscriptions in Youtube and I wanted to give you a heads up about this great channel.

Seriously Strange is produced in a weekly basis and new videos are released on Wednesdays. Topics range widely but mostly focus in the bizarre, occult or right down disturbing. If this is your cup of tea or you want to add a little variety to your life then I think you should check it out.

It's dark, but fun and entertaining. By entertaining I mean that some of the videos will keep you up at night. Seriously, nightmares are made of this.

Some of my favorite videos from Seriously Strange are below. They range from a few minutes to about 10 minutes so they're easy to watch.

I'm not alone in liking this channel...

And if you're a marketing type (like me) trying to crack the nut of building an audience, building a community and getting a huge level of engagement then follow the old tried and true method, like Rob does; create amazing content. You too can get raving fans like this:

With over 1.2 million subscribers, I'm sure you'll find many videos entertaining. I like this channel because the videos have a high production value and the content is often new and unique. Rob sometimes calls on the audience to give him ideas to feed this creepy video feed. You can get in touch with Rob on Twitter @TheRobDyke.

Pranks are all the rage in Youtube, but what happens when a prank goes horribly wrong? Here's a compilation of some of the pranks that went horribly wrong. Pranks that Went Horribly Wrong #SeriouslyStrange

There are many things we can't explain in life. But disease is something that is terrifying when  you can't tell what is causing it, what it is and whether you will survive it. This is Unexplainable Diseases #SeriouslyStrange

Then there is the hunger that some of us have for the mysterious. In this case Rob finds the most Terrifying Unsolved Mysteries, and nails it, again.

Rob has a great looking site at Rob Mob, and you can find him on Twitter: @TheRobDyke.


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