YouTube Introduces Voting for Advertisments

Youtube seems to be in lots of hot water lately. From the so called adpocalypse and everything surrounding it, to their worst idea ever --the heroes program, to the apparent censorship going on with dissenting ideas.

But over the weekend I noticed a new fresh feature that I welcome with open arms.

Youtube finally introduced a way to give feedback on pre-roll ads. The method is simple and it follows the existing format already available on Youtube for regular videos. A simple thumbs up and thumbs down.

Sometimes, on some videos, you'll notice thumbs up and thumbs down buttons that show up during the pre-roll ads. Hopefully, this helps viewers get a better experience by eliminating those annoying AF ads that play every single time for weeks at a time.

Ever since this was implemented, I've been voting on commercials every chance I get and I can see some results already. It seems that I see less of the commercials I'm sick of already and new ones are showing up more regularly.

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