1. Hi Oscar,
    What a timely post! 🙂
    I could very well relate in some of the areas you went thru in connection with this wonderful platform called twitter. Yes, 2008 I joined this platform when I was not much aware of its power this too little words of share can bring into our pages. and then the different automation tool in relation to this tiny little bird!! LOL

    Its growth was tremendous, though it was swindling in profitwise. But I am sure it can overcome those troubles in the near future, Of course as bloggers and other users its doing a tremendous job.

    Your tips given in this post especially the cleaning up job or the unfollow menu in Rewst is really a new tool/platform to me, I was using some other tool for unfollow the inactive members, I will surely check this tool, in fact we need to do this as often as we can since many are inactive and of no use in keeping them in our account, just the other day I did a clean up job with my facebook account, and removed 200+ deadwood from my accounts, I am sure there is no meaning in keeping so many instead of keeping a few interactive followers.

    Thank Oscar for sharing these tips and tools/platforms

    Keep sharing

    I am so glad to say that I curated this wonderful post on the pages of some IM platforms

    May you have a great week ahead.

    Best Regards

    ~ Philip

    • Thank you, Philip for the great response, and thanks for sharing the post wherever you see fit. I hope that it helps you increase your Twitter following and engagement.

      Just remember that the numbers are important, but more important is to engage with the followers.

      Another thing that is great with Rewst is that it prevents you from getting in trouble with Twitter. Twitter doesn't appreciate it when people follow and unfollow people quickly so Rewst helps with that. It's also 100% Twitter compliant. Definitely give it a try here Rewst: Grow Your Twitter Following


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