Affiliate Summit 2015 Attendees, Did You Get the App?

The app is really good. I've been to many events that have an app and it usually leaves you wanting more. The app for Affiliate Summit in the other hand is very useful, and it's free.

If you are attending the event, (did you know I'm giving away five tickets?), then the app is a must. It is available for Android and iOS and it's free.

I just uninstalled the app for Affiliate Summit East 2014 and got the new version for Affiliate Summit West 2015.

The app also features the conference agenda, speaker bios, personalized schedules, attendee directory, message area, and more.

This time the app is different and I can only assume that the app isn't part of the App store or the Play store because this way only actual attendees will see and have access to the app.

I find this change interesting, and intriguing. I wonder if there were other factors that played into switching from a native app to a browser based app.

Even though it isn't as easy to install, you really just have to create a browser shortcut on your mobile device, it is just as functional as it has been in the past. So give it a try and make sure you have setup your account prior to the event so you're not fumbling with it at crunch time.

Complete instructions and additional information is available on the official Affiliate Summit Blog.

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